Hello, my name is Aaron May. Perhaps you would like to hire me?

Or, are you just here to browse? Either way, I hope you find your

time here informative.


I earned a BA in Digital Technology & Culture through The

 Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State

University Vancouver in 2010. Through the CMDC program, I gained proficiency applying creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving to a variety of tools for video production, audio production, image editing, and web development.


I earned an MA in Interactive Arts and Technology through the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University in Surrey, BC. My thesis research focused on generating intuitive interactions for whole-body natural user interfaces (e.g. Microsoft Kinect). Other research and coursework completed while at SIAT included nonverbal communication in games, physical computing, and close readings of media artifacts. I also worked as an instructor, teaching assistant, project manager, and research assistant.


I am at my best when I can flex my organizational muscle, critical thinking, and written and verbal communication skills. My specialties are project management, writing, and academic program support. I also have proven skills as a research assistant, technical writer, and community manager. I value diversity, and try to ensure all my projects are inclusive from start to finish.


In my spare time, I enjoy exercising my body with snowboarding and basketball and exercising my brain by critically evaluating video games. I have a passion for cars that was nurtured by the local library’s Car and Driver archive and coming of age in dealership service departments.