Johnny Appleseed Burgers

November 27, 2012

Aaron and I almost always opt for a bean burger or turkey burger. But occasionally, I want the real stuff.

You know, beef.

When I do decide I want a big and beefy burger, I like to take matters into my own hands. Too many times I’ve been disappointed with a burger at a restaurant. Soggy buns. Grease. Fake cheese. Loaded with condiments. Not the right condiments.

I think you get the picture.

When I do prepare burgers at home, I put very little in the meat—just salt, pepper and minced garlic. Where I waver, is the topping selection. And Johnny Appleseed Burgers are high on my list of favorites.

You’ve got rich, sweet caramelized onions, sautéed apples, cheddar, a mayo and grainy mustard combo, perfectly cooked burger and good, old-fashioned sesame seed bun.

If you are at all hesitant to top your burger with apples—don’t be. It’s a combination worth trying and keeping around. You won’t be disappointed.

Johnny Appleseed Burgers

1 pound extra lean ground beef, seasoned with salt, pepper and a minced garlic clove—divided into 4 patties and grilled

1 caramelized onion

1 apple, sliced and sautéed with a touch of butter

Cheddar cheese, sliced

Mayo and grainy mustard


The above ingredient list details the completed and prepared ingredients. We all have different ways we like to cook these items, so I left if pretty vague. My only real suggestion is to not overwork the beef while making your burgers.

Assemble the burgers to your liking and devour!

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