Pizza Turkey Burgers

October 23, 2012

At this exact moment, they are in the process of putting a pizza place in our building. I’m both filled with excitement and regret. My love of pizza knows no bounds. Who doesn’t like bread and cheese?

Really, tell me.

With pizza soon to be just an elevator ride away, I fear for the worst—in an economical and a desire for my clothes to fit kind of way. But they still have a ways to go before opening. So, for now, I’m in the clear.

It also means, I must make my own pizza or in this case—Pizza Turkey Burgers. We eat a good amount of turkey burgers in our house. They’re a fast, healthy and tasty dinner. We also like to experiment with toppings. Apples, pineapple, bacon, ham, cranberries—you name it. A Pizza Turkey Burger wasn’t too far fetched.

Really, it’s pretty simple. Gather your favorite pizza toppings and add them to your turkey burger. I went mostly traditional this time and later really wished for a little pineapple, too. But really, it’s totally up to you.

Pizza Turkey Burgers

2 grilled turkey burgers (we get the all white meat frozen patties from Costco)

2 hamburger buns

1/2 cup pizza sauce or any basic marinara, heated

Thick sliced of mozzarella cheese

Handful of pepperoni slices

Handful of slices black olives.

Right after you turkey burgers are grilled, place your mozzarella on top and allow to melt. Add your pepperoni slices to a skillet set over medium-high heat and crisp each side. You can also warm up your buns in the skillet, too.

Assemble your burger. Ours were: bottom bun, pizza sauce, turkey burger, mozzarella, pepperoni, olives and top bun.

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