Yogurt Cheese Part One: A Super-Duper Adventure!

March 3, 2012


I made cheese—and you can, too!

Cheese is probably in my top five foods. One of my absolute favorites is a creamy goat cheese. When I read that yogurt cheese could easily be considered goat cheese’s cousin, I was more than intrigued.

And so began my voyage into cheese making.

Side note: During my college days, I was still getting used to being responsible for myself. You know—cleaning my room and feeding myself. It just didn’t come naturally. Sometimes I would let my cereal milk sit in the bowl on my desk far too long. When I got around to picking it up, I would find the milk had turned to a Fruity Pebbles style cheese. So the spirit of full disclosure, this may not be my first batch of cheese. But it is my first purposeful time.  

It is remarkably simple. All you need is a container of plain yogurt, clean cloth, strainer and bowl. Bam—done!

Yogurt Cheese

Step One: Assemble your ingredient and containers. It is important to find a bowl that the strainer can rest in but not fit in completely. There is a considerable amount of liquid (whey) that will drain from the cheese and you don’t want the yogurt to sit in it. 


Step Two: Place a clean, thin cloth in your strainer. 


Step Three: Gently shake the yogurt into the cloth.


Step Four: Twist the cloth closed. Image

Step Five: Place in the refrigerator overnight or until the yogurt/cheese is at the desired consistency. 


Step Six: You have yogurt cheese!


That’s it! The cheese is tart and smooth–perfect for dips and spreads. I’m planning to try a few different creations using my new yogurt cheese. I’d like to try a couple of sweet and savory recipes. Stay tuned. 

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