Forza Hub Does Its Job

Forza Hub is a companion app for the Forza racing games whose primary function is to compel players to play more Forza. It works. It works so freaking well.

Forza Hub contains a number of components (news, community, events), but the big one for me is tracking your progress across all the Forza games with Forza Rewards. Each game gets a number of categories that are tracked with bars. For example, Forza Horizon 3 has bars for days played, Gamerscore, miles driven, cars owned, Ultimate Passes, driver level, perks unlocked, Bucket List items, roads, discovered, and DLC purchased. Performing the in-game feats fills up the bar (it only fills once, so it isn’t an in-perpetuity thing) and awards points. Get enough points and you increase your reward level. Every week, you can claim your rewards (credits and cars in all Forza games), and the higher your reward level, the more rewards your get.

It took me a while to realize how powerful Forza Hub was, but the promise of getting a few hundred thousand credits every week was tantalizing. And if I could increase that amount by playing more of the games I enjoy with set objectives? Sign me up. But where Forza Hub proved its worth to Turn 10 was how it got me to buy Forza games I skipped the first time. I typically only play the Horizon games, but I knew that if I grabbed Forzas 5 and 6 on sale, I could squeeze out a couple more reward levels, which makes any future Horizons I play easier from a cash-flow perspective. So I did, and I bought some DLC, and Turn 10 got more than my ~$75 every two years.

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